Trivia Night, May 2010

On Monday night the Victorian Skeptics ran their annual Trivia Night.

Many thanks to Ken for all the work he did … collating questions, getting prizes, putting the audio of the horse race together, lugging all the equipment, etc, etc…

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As usual, the questions were of a skeptical / scientific bent. They ranged from dowsing the location of “Mystic Park” on a map of Victoria, to identifying anti-vax crusader Meryl Dorey from a fuzzy photo.

One of the highlights of the evening was the running of the Alternative Handicap, which is well worth a listen.

Or download

In the end, the award for Most Trivial Team went to….

Occam’s Electric Razors who, I would also suggest, scored well with the nerdiest team name.

The award for Least Trivial Team was initially an awkward tie between the Super Seven and DAJ.

The tie was broken by the traditional method of Roshambo (aka Rock Paper Scissors … sadly excluding Lizard and Spock for you Big Bang Theory fans) and, after numerous tied rounds (what was with all the Paper, fellas??), the Golden Bent Wooden Spoon was presented to Don Hyatt of the Super Seven.

It was a great night. Thanks again to Ken for putting in a huge amount of work in to make it all happen.

And for those who attended (or even those who didn’t) please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

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