General Information (Originally posted at our old site)

We are the Victorian branch of the Australian Skeptics, a science-based organisation run by volunteers. The Skeptics encourage people to be careful about what they believe. Things that sound “too good to be true” – usually aren’t true! Science has revealed many amazing things, but amazing claims are also used to deceive and to rip-off innocent people.

The Skeptics also encourage thoughtful, rational exploration of the world around us, especially in matters considered ‘paranormal‘. To this end, the Skeptics are keen to promote scientific education and a sense of wonder in the natural world.

Weird and Wonderful – Read about all manner of supernatural and scientific matters on our Articles page including these popular topics

Creation v EvolutionSensing MurderBed of NailsMurders and ClairvoyantsHomeopathy

(Yes, “sceptical” & “sceptics” are the correct spellings but we’re so clever we spell them with a k instead. :-)

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