Skeptics at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Charles and Catherine after the show

The Victorian Skeptics stepped out on Friday 26th March to support one of our former speakers the well known comedienne and journalist Catherine Deveny. With a show titled: ‘God is Bullshit: and that’s the good news’ Catherine put it out there in her real in-your-face style. There was certainly an attraction to Skeptics, Atheist and most of the thinking population to attend. How could we not go. We were not let down.

Catherine was at her confrontational best, reviewing her wasted years as a young catholic and suddenly seeing the light at the age of 38 as she tried to rationalise the tales of the bible to her children. As she said, most of the bible just doesn’t make sense. Behind the humour there was also a deeper message of the dangers of simple relying on faith rather than common sense and western medicine.

Many humorous anecdotes and observations interspersed with her personal journey ensured a constant wave of laughter rippled through the audience. For example the question as to why it is considered a miracle that one child victim pulled from the rubble of an earthquake is the focus of newsworthy attention, when the believers might ask why the almighty allowed the event to take place and kill thousands in the first place. Similarly, why do ‘healers’ or miracle cures not sprout extra limbs on amputees rather than the more dubious claims of healing conditions that may well be self curing?

During the show one of our Skeptics was even drafted to assist Catherine in a small ritual that reverted her back to her born atheist state. Her contention was that we are all born as atheists and are then brainwashed into the religion of the family into which you are born. She was simple reversing the process. Our Skeptical assistant amused the audience with his T-shirt emblazoned with ‘In (dog picture) we trust’. It certainly suited the theme of the night.

A great night out.


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