Calendar 2009

19 January
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Margaret Kittson Brain Gym?

Around 12 February

16 February
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Darren Freeman Curing the Incurable: We can’t do It so Neither can You

16 March
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Chris Krishna-Pillay The Use of Performance in Science Education and Communication

20 April
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Ian Robinson : Topic TBA

19 May
Skeptics Cafe ”Fifth Annual Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza”

15 June

Dick Gunstone

Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Professor Dick Gunstone: Why Creationism Has no Place in Science Education

20 July
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Dr Andrew Prentice. (Melbourne Mathematician and Astronomer).

14 August
A National Science Week 2009 Event: Vic Skeptics and Young Australian Skeptics at Hypothesis from 5pm – 10pm MA15+ BMW Edge Federation Square

17 August
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Peter Bowditch: The Antivaccination Lobby

22&23 August
National Science Week 2009 Event: Vic Skeptics at Scienceworks Spotswood

21 September
A Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Trevor Hand: Presentation of meteorite and fossil evidence for Deep time and biological evolution.

19 October
Skeptics Cafe Video Night

16 November
Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Steve Roberts: Astronomical Hoaxes

21 December
Skeptics Cafe Social Evening

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