Fifth Annual Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza

Monday 18 2009 witnessed the most competitive VSATE yet, with only six points separating the two teams that tied for first position and the two teams that tied for last position. Three more of the eight competing tables were within a point of the dais. For the record, Christopher Short’s ILLUMINATI eclipsed Terry Kelly’s DARK MATTER only after the tie-breaker was invoked. Terry was heard to comment (a) “We Wuz Robbed” and (b) “Where’s Tom Hanks when you need him?

It should be noted that an exit poll supported the proposition that the wrong team had won.

During the course of the evening, we successfully map-dowsed to locate Area 51; we determined The Best Psychic in the Room ; we actually found a good use for a Tarot Pack; and we evaluated an online Psychic Reading site and a Reiki Training Weekend Your interlocutor, Ken Greatorex & the Microphone from Hell . Some of THE McSKEPTICS who finished 1 point off the pace. A few of the DARK MATTER team. We’re number 2. We try harder . THE UNIONISTS. Highlighted is William, The Best Psychic In the Room. THE ILLUMINATI THE MORMONS

  • The organisers wish to acknowledge Mr Darwin K. Bear for his invaluable input. Mr Bear is pictured here after the rigours of the evening replenishing his psychic reserves with a spot of tantric flying.

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