Rudolf Steiner and the Anthroposophy Cult

Rudolf Steiner and the Anthroposophy Cult

a talk by Ian Robinson to the Victorian Skeptics Monday 20 April, 2009 Summary:

First I will give a brief outline of Steiner’s life from his early infatuation with Goethe and German nature mysticism, through his involvement with Theosophy, to his final break with the latter and his establishment of the Anthroposophy cult and the inauguration of its exclusivist esoteric and secretive inner-circle know as “First Class“.

Then I will outline his eccentric and implausible Manichean world view, based on his own idiosyncratic mystical revelations, with its racist overtone.

I will show that, despite the protests to the contrary by its supporters, there is absolutely no doubt that Anthroposophy is to all intents and purposes a religion.

Finally, I will examine the two main areas where anthroposophy has insinuated itself into secular life in Australia: the “educational philosophy” known as the Waldorf school movement; and the allegedly planet-friendly system of cultivation known as biodynamic agriculture. I will conclude by making some suggestions for action that needs to be taken.

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