Calendar 2008


Kylie Paterson

Kylie Paterson talks about Teaching Evolution in a Catholic School. 17th of November

(!!OTHERS!! = events organised by or with other groups)

21 January Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Max Wallace The Purple Economy
!!OTHERS!!around 12 February VARIOUS DARWIN DAY CELEBRATIONS Darwin Day Suggestions
18 February Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Dr Krissy Wilson Anomalistic Psychology; The Science of Self-Deception
17 March Skeptics Cafe CULTS Panel
21 April Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Nicholas J Johnson The Honest Con Man
19 May Skeptics Cafe ”Fourth Annual Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza”
16 June Skeptics Cafe Video Night
21 July Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Stephen Mayne: The Governance of Australian Companies
18 August Skeptics Cafe Speaker from ACCC Internet Scams
15 September Skeptics Cafe Forum on Active Skepticism
20 October Skeptics Cafe Presenter: Wal Parker: The Expert at the Card Table and Martin Gardner
17 November Skeptics Cafe Presenter: Kylie Paterson: Teaching Evolution in a Catholic School.
15 December Skeptics Cafe Social Evening

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