About Charles Darwin

Darwin Down House

These pictures are of Down House, Darwin’s home where the majority of his writing was done.

It is located in the pleasant Kent countryside approximately 40 km due south of London. The Darwin Day website contains more information.

1. Darwin married Emma Wedgwood, granddaughter of Josiah Wedgwood I. Darwin’s maternal grandfather was the same Josiah Wedgwood. Emma and Charles were first cousins. An interesting genetics match as they had 10 children, a number of whom led highly successful careers.

2. Darwin never ‘worked‘ for a living. His father being a very wealthy surgeon. In fact he paid for his passage as a young man on the Beagle more or less to be a companion of the Captain. This was a way to finance the voyage and Captains did not want to associate with the underclass of the crew and to a lesser extent the officers. This was also true of Sir Joseph Banks’ voyage to Australia with Cook.

Thanks to Don Hyatt for the photographs.

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