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PSYCHIC INVESTIGATORSFortunately this excrable summer program has been replaced by the regular “CATALYST” . See all the fall-out at

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And now back to the topic of the 2007 National Skeptics Convention


The 2006 Convention went fabulously and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

For those who did a great deal of meeting and greeting at the convention, what are these images about? (See the end of this post for the answers.)

  • Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has been voted the 2006 Skeptic of the Year, for his tireless efforts promoting scientific (sceptical) thinking, and presenting it in an exciting (excitable?) manner.
  • The infamous Bent Spoon Award (BS Award!) has been given to “the pharmacies of Australia that maintain a professional image whilst selling ineffective altmed products and services such as homeopathy, iridology, healing magnets
  • the Skeptics Prize for Critical Thinking was awarded to Martin Bridgstock of Griffith Uni, for his innovative programme teaching skepticism to his students
  • Kylie Sturgess, an English teacher from MLC in Perth won the Runner-Up Prize. (She and her students were mentioned in the last issue of the Skeptic.)

Saturday 18th November 2006


The Australian Skeptics Bent Spoon Award for 2006 goes to the many Australian pharmacies who promote and sell “therapeutic” goods such as homeopathic medicines and magnetic healing devices which have no demonstrable value.


The Australian Skeptics have named Dr Karl Kruszelnicki Skeptic of the Year for 2006.

Dr Karl, through his radio and TV appearances and website has successfully promoted a love of Science and enquiry with an large audience of younger Australians.

These awards were announced at the Australian Skeptics Annual Convention in Melbourne this evening.

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The History of the Bent Spoon:


Skeptics Getting Around!

Well-known Victorian Skeptic Steve Roberts is greeted by the President of Mongolia.

Richard Saunders of Sydney, (good friend of Vic Skeptics) indulges in a little recent light reading on Mount Olympus.

Roy Arnott Examines the Evidence in Dublin.

Terry Kelly leads Merv Hughes onto the field. 

Terry Kelly and Merv Hughes

 (Terry’s definitely a Skeptic; in fact he’s the President of Vic Skeptics; dunno about Merv.)

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