Calendar 2007


(!!OTHERS!! = events organised by or with other groups)

15 January Skeptics Cafe Video Night
19 February Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Tim van Gelder
19 March Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Roman Kozlovski
!!OTHERS!!11 April Fossil Findings Melbourne Museum Presentation
16 April Skeptics Cafe Speaker: Peter Pentland of SCIENCEWORKS
21 May Skeptics Cafe ”Third Annual Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza”
18 June Skeptics Cafe speaker: Richard Saunders Fakes, Frauds and Fools
16 July Skeptics Cafe speaker: Carlo Kopp The E- Bomb
!!OTHERS!!2 August ”’ Intelligent Design Debate ”’
18/19 and 25/26 August Australian Skeptics at Scienceworks for Science Week
20 August Skeptics Cafe Panel Discussion: Depression: How Effectively is it Managed?
17 September Skeptics Cafe Jill Quirk: Population policy
15 October Skeptics Cafe Catherine Deveney – My Conversion to Atheism
19 November Skeptics Cafe Screening: Guru Busters
17 December Skeptics Cafe Social Evening
!!OTHERS!! Various dates Atheists meet-up Group Calendar
!!OTHERS!! Various dates Royal Society of Victoria Calendar

There are other Victorian organisations of interest that regularly have Public Events. Previous events: Calendar 2006, Calendar 2005, Calendar 2004 Extra keywords: sceptics

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