National Convention Hobart 2007

The 2007 National Skeptics Convention will be held in Hobart on 17/18 November 2007 . The venue will be the University of Tasmania . Meals will be provided by the University Staff Club.

The conference theme is:

The Use and Abuse of Scientific Data in the Environment Debate

The theme will be interpreted very broadly, but will encompass virtually any issue concerned with human ecology and the environment generally. So it is about as broad a theme as could be imagined.

We would like to know of any people who might wish to provide a paper at the conference. Any suggestions or questions welcome. Please write to: Phone: 03 6234 4731 or 0419 341 585.

Costs will be announced in early 2007, when the matter becomes clearer. We expect that it will be no more than that charged for the excellent Melbourne convention in 2006.

An innovation is that we will permit full-time students under 25 to attend the conference at a very low fee that will just cover the cost of morning and afternoon tea. They will be able to pay extra for lunch if they wish. They will NOT be eligible to attend the Saturday evening dinner. We think that the student price will be about $25 or so.

If you intend to come please think about organizing your flights very early. This way cheap, cattle class flights are available on the second rate airlines. You can also get cheap tickets by buying them a day or so before you want to go, but there is no guarantee that you will actually find any vacancies on the day or flight you want. Please note almost all Jetstar and Virgin Blue in and out of Tasmania are full – all year round. Do not leave it too late.

You could think of coming by sea with your vehicle for a holiday. Many locals who use the ferries to travel to and from the mainland send only the driver on the ship and the rest of the family flies el cheapo airlines. But if you have only one spouse, and no accompanying kids, you might as well all go on the ship.

More later.

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