Science Issues Cafe

The Victorian Skeptics have received notification about this brand new science group. It certainly sounds very interesting and meets not far from our Skeptics Cafe location.

SCIENCE ISSUES CAFE is a monthly discussion group which allows lay people to get together and hear about the latest research or discuss the big issues in science today.

It seems people are willing to express passionate opinions on a range of scientific subjects (global warming is just one example) so I thought it would be good to look at the science behind the policies, and some of the debates within science.

Kaye Hargreaves Convener Science Issues Cafe

Where? Princes Hill Community Centre,

rear 270 Macpherson St Nth Carlton

Time? 7.30 for drinks, 8 pm to start

Cost: donation ($5 to $10 suggested)

Bookings… are essential.

Please ring Kaye on 9489-5095 or email

FRIDAY 19th AUGUST 2005 *** Advances in neurosciences Offering new hope for the burden of brain and mind disorders


Frederick A O Mendelsohn AO MD PhD FRACP Director Howard Florey Institute University of Melbourne

FRIDAY 16th SEPTEMBER 2005 *** Life in the Universe… What are the chances?


Dr John Lattanzio Centre for Stellar and Planetary Astrophysics School of Mathematical Sciences Monash University
FRIDAY 21st OCTOBER 2005 ***
Problem Gambling – what can science tell us? speaker Dr Greg Coman Training Coordinator Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health

FRIDAY 18th NOVEMBER 2005 *** Artificial intelligence


Associate Professor Lin Padgham RMIT Victoria

2006 Program

FEB 06 Australian geology Professor Ian Plimer
MAR 06 Mars – the next frontier Dr Nick Hoffman
APR 06 Iconic moments in the history of science Dr John Waller
MAY 06 Nanotechnology Terry Turney, Director, CSIRO Nanotechnology Centre
JUN 06 Climate change, Paul Holper, Executive Officer, CSIRO CLIMATE
date TBC Measuring quality of life Assoc. Prof. Graeme Hawthorne
NOV 06 Animal intelligence/animal minds Assoc Prof Howard Sankey

Other topics – Origins of the universe, Human origins, Exploring the solar system, Genetics and GM policies. Medical science – what are the big issues? Philosophy of science, Science as an inspiration for art – are to be confirmed.

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