Speakers at the Australian Skeptics 2006 Convention, to be held 18-19 November in Melbourne.

Dr Stephen Basser

  • (GP, Australian Skeptics commentator on medicine and alternative medicine).
  • Topic: Medicines, Money and the Media – A Dangerous Cocktail?
  • Go to” for articles by Stephen Basser.

Dr Martin Bridgstock

Leigh Dayton

Dr Kevin Hennessy

Prof David Henry

Lynne Kelly

  • (Author of A Skeptics Guide to the Paranormal, public speaker, and author.)
  • Topic: The Skeptical Science Teacher

Dr John Long

  • (Palaeontologist, and Scientific Director at Melbourne Museum) Dr Long will present a public lecture on Sunday afternoon.
  • Topic: Are there Gaps in the Fossil Record?

Stephen Mayne

Dr Rob Morrison

Rosemary Nixon

  • (Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre)
  • Topic: MythBusting: A Dermatologist’s Approach to Cosmetic Advertising

Dr Graeme Pearman

  • (Retired CSIRO scientist)
  • Topic: On Freedom to Publish in Science.

Dr Peter Pockley

  • (Writer for Australasian Science).
  • Topic: The Wages of Spin: Sceptical Investigations into Creationism and CSIRO

Dr Paul Willis

Annie Warburton

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