Calendar 2005

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All events are open to the general public. Most of our events are based in and around Melbourne. (Events will get added to this list through the year as we organise them.)


(!!OTHERS!! = events organised by or with other groups)

1 January on !!OTHERS!! Chinese Dinosaurs Exhibition (until 17 April 2005)
16 & 17 January !!OTHERS!! Astronomy Star-Aid Tsunami Benefit
17 January Skeptics In The Pub
9 February Skeptics In The Pub – “Dowsers & Gurus
21 February Skeptics In The Pub
21 March Skeptics In The Pub
6 April Talk – Peter BowditchInternet Scams
17 April !!OTHERS!! Chinese Dinosaurs Exhibition (last day)
18 April Skeptics In The Pub
16 May Skeptics In The Pub
25 May Trivia Night
20 June Skeptics In The Pub
13 July Public Talk: Homeopathy and Pets
18 July Skeptics In The Pub
13-14 August Science Week 2005 Skeptics Stand
13-14 August !!OTHERS!! 2005 Australian Skeptics Convention
15 August Skeptics In The Pub at La Notte Cafe
20-21 August Science Week 2005 Skeptics Stand
14 September Public Talk – Creationism vs Education
19 September Skeptics Cafe
17 October Skeptics Cafe
21 November Skeptics Cafe
30 November Public Talks – The Soapbox (have your say!)
19 December Skeptics Cafe


10 January !!OTHERS!! Atheist Get together

There are other Victorian organisations of interest that regularly have Public Events (Other)

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