Creationism vs Education

Speaker: Dr John Long, Head of Science, Museum Victoria
Date Wed 14th September
Time 8pm (dinner from 6pm)
Location La Notte Cafe
Entry Gold coin donation
Does religion have a place in science classes?
How can we raise public awareness about science?

Dr Long is known as an enthusiastic promoter of science appearing in tv shows, documentaries, childrens books and copious fossil research. You may have seen him recently in the popular documentary “The Dinosaur Dealers“.

In this public talk, he will discuss the methods he has used to promote science and to bring scientific awareness to the general public, especially through writing educational books for children.

He will also cover his experiences with battling pseudo-scientific Creationism and other forms of ‘anti-science‘ thinking that erode the public understanding of science. John will show his latest work “The Big Picture Book” (Allen & Unwin 2005). “Four billion years of evolution in 48 pages, told in simple words and stunning images, using the latest scientific research. A must for adults as well as children.

About Dr John Long

Dr John Long grew up in Melbourne and began collecting fossils when he was seven. He found his first dinosaur bones near Inverloch, Victoria, when he was a university student and since then has travelled the world on fossil expeditions. John is now Head of Sciences at Museum Victoria after spending many years as Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology at the Western Australian Museum.

He has written many books and articles on the history of life, dinosaurs, evolution and religious Creationism.

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