Skeptical Film Night

  • When: Wednesday 9th February, 2005, 7pm (early)
  • Where: The Whitehorse Inn (Upstairs)
  • Cost: FREE

The Victorian Skeptics have decided to try a new kind of event, a Skeptical Film Night. During this FREE event, we will show two documentaries, each followed by a discussion on the topic.

The two films will be

Water Divining Test : James Randi & Dick Smith
Guru Busters
  • Water Divining Test : James Randi & Dick Smith
    • In a dusty country field in 1980 Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith and American magician James Randi watched 16 water dowsers demonstrate their abilities. The Skeptics’ Prize waited for any who displayed clear abilities outside the range of random chance.
  • Guru Busters
    • India is renowed for its gurus and mystical psychics, but the Indian Rationalists want the world to know that these gurus are fakes who use crude magic tricks to prey on innocents. Some frauds such as the infamous Satya Sai Baba even have immense political power.

The Water Divining Test is one of several documentaries available on the Australian Skeptics’ “Great Water Divining DVD” available at

Guru Busters is shown with the permission of “Eagle & Eagle Ltd

(keywords: water dowsing / dowsers / dousers / water divining / water dousing / psychics)

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