Mark Mayer
During GASS 2003 at the Melbourne Museum, our guest, well-known Sydney magician and Skeptic Steve Walker introduced Vic Skeptics to Melbourne performer, Mark Mayer. Mark, as it turns out, apart from being a consummate performer, has highly developed Skeptical credentials of his own.

Mark was invited to feature at our November 12 public meeting. His theme was “The History of Spiritualism“, and was as much a lecture as a magic show. He illustrated his presentation at each stage with an appropriate baffling, audience involving illusion.

Following positive feedback from the show, Mark developed his performance into the one-man theatre show “Talking With the Dead – Or Lying to the Living?

Mark is a full-time professional entertainer, and does a lot of work at corporate functions, He has been a regular guest on Melbourne radio, and has used such opportunities to speak out against fraud in Paranormal representations in the media. In particular he has focussed on phoney tv psychics John Edward (“Crossing Over“) and James Van Praagh.

He currently appears frequently on “Magic Mondays” Nights at Dante’s in Fitzroy.

Vic Skeptics are looking forward to working with Mark again in the near future.

Mark’s website:

Mark Mayer In performance at The Whitehorse Inn Mark Mayer with Christopher Short

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