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The following two articles appeared in the Age, detailing the attempts by an evangelical Christian group to get religious Creationism studied in schools by claiming it to be a leading scientific theory called Intelligent Design. The Federal Education minister Brendan Nelson said that he approved of it being taught if parents wished.

Creation crusade marches again, under new banner” (06/08/05)

‘Intelligent design’ an option: Nelson” (11/08/05)

Intelligent design-ists hide under science cloak” (12/08/05)



The end of critical thought

What is Brendan Nelson on about (“Intelligent design an option: Nelson“, The Age, 11/8)? To teach pseudo-creationism in schools would spell the end of critical thinking. The theology behind “Intelligent” Design is just rehashed God of the Gaps: “If we didn’t do it, and we don’t quite understand it, a designer (God) must have done it.

I have no problems with religion being taught at schools � but any references to paranormal activity should be left at the door of the lab .

Jamin Howman, Parkville

Misuse of power

Just stop it, Brendan Nelson. This transparent attempt to force your religion onto mainstream culture is an appalling abuse of power. If you teach a child that

2 + 2 = 4, but then go on to explain that “some people prefer to believe that 2 + 2 = 22“, you are hurting the nation for the sake of your church.

Dave Mackenzie, Robina, Queensland

The ultimate proof

No woman who has ever menstruated, had menstrual difficulties e.g. bleeding fibroids or endometriosis, been pregnant, given birth, with or without complications, suffered from repeated thrush and/or cystitis infections, and especially no woman to whom all of the above applies, could find the theory of so-called “intelligent design” anything but absurd. The female plumbing system provides gilt-edged evidence of the complete absence of design, intelligent or otherwise! And as for the male plumbing system, what sort of designer would put a sewer pipe right through the middle of a playground?

Rosemary Sceats, Macleod


Brendan Nelson misses the main point of Intelligent Design (ID) – that there is an Intelligent Designer, a cosmic being who has always existed, even before all life. This Godlike being can do anything he wants – defying the laws of nature. The ID movement say many features of the world were supernaturally created by Him and can only be explained through religion.

This thinking isn’t just religious – it’s anti-science. It teaches that if you don’t understand something, it might be a miracle performed by God and hence permanently unknowable. Science teaches the opposite: always ask questions! Luckily experimentation is an human instinct – we could still be huddled in caves never investigating fire, thinking it beyond mortal understanding.

It would be backward for ID to be taught in science classes. Calling this God-based dogma “hard science” and on the “cutting edge” is ludicrous. How much science is based on the supernatural?

Saying ID isn’t Creationism is mere word play. ID is one of the teachings of evangelical Creationists including the “Campus Crusade For Christ Australia“. There is no debate about ID in the scientific community – it’s regarded as nonsense. Any debate is between scientists and religious fundamentalists.

Christopher Short

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