Science Week 2005

Following the great success of the Victorian Skeptics stands at the “Great Australian Science Show” in previous years, we will have a stand at “Science Week 2005“. It should be lots of fun with science, magic, fortune telling, lots of debate – and the bed of nails!

ScienceWorks, 2 Booker Street, Spotswood
Price: entry to ScienceWorks, for prices and deals see:

Weekends 13 – 14, 20 – 21 August
11am – 4pm each day

At the stand

Talk to real live Skeptics
Lie on the Bed of Nails (certificate photos $1)
Watch Magical Mind Illusionist Mark Mayer do the impossible
Visit Lynne Kelly – uncanny fortune teller and author of “Skeptics Guide To The Paranormal
Read information on many interesting topics including ESP, Homeopathy, Creationism, Sensing Murder, The Moon Landing Hoax, Cold Reading, Alternative Medicine …
Watch tests of water dowsing on “The Great Skeptics Divining DVD


Photos of the Skeptics stand at GASS 2002
National Science Week

Mind Illusionist” Mark Mayer
Lynne Kelly – Teacher, performer and entertainer

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