Australian Skeptical People

Australians with sites containing Skeptical content. See also Australian Skeptical Organisations

Lynne Kelly Teacher and Skeptical lecturer, best known for her book “The Skeptic’s Guide to the Paranormal
Dan’s Data Although for the most part a site that reviews hi-tech toys and computer hardware, check out Dan’s clash with the EMPower Quacks, the Wine Clip Review and his “offensive“/skeptical mottos
Mark Mayer Professional “Mind Illusionist” – see ‘Consumer Affairs‘ section for info on tv psychics John Edward and James van Pragh info
Wally Anglesea Various Skeptical matters including the “Little Pebble” Australian doomsday cult
Peter Brown info on William Kamm / “Little Pebble” Australian Doomsday cult
Peter Bowditch A site which critically examines the claims of alternative medicine, anti-vaccination groups among other topics.

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