2004-11-13 News

News from the 2004 Australian Skeptics Convention

  • Victorian Lynne Kelly proclaimed “Skeptic of the Year
    • Lynne is the author of “The Skeptic’s Guide To The Paranormal” and has taken part in many radio and newspaper interviews. Talk – Lynne Kelly
  • The infamous “Bent Spoon” award went to ABC TV show “The New Inventors
    • Despite the good reputation of the ABC for science shows, this show uncritically featured a number of scientifically dubious products which are already on the market, and despite complaints went on to display advertising for these products in their magazine.These products included the “Anti-Bio” pool cleaner, the “Greenfire” sparkplug. The “Gemini” electric motor did get some critical comments, but only in the final stages. (More info soon)
  • Runner up for the “Bent Spoon” was Channel 10’s Sensing Murder

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