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Peter Hogan Creates Concern Among Creationists

Vic Skeptics Committee member and Australian Skeptics Life Member Peter Hogan has cracked it for a mention in “Prayer News“, the official newsletter of the Creationist/Christian Fundamentalist organization “Answers in Genesis“.

Peter had an article in Australasian Science (Vol. 24 No. 1) warning readers that AiG was trying to get its supporters to donate subscriptions to Creation and TJ magazines to local and school libraries. Peter suggested it was important to make sure these magazines, which are anti-evolution, be classified as religion, and not as science, as AiG suggested.

He also jokingly suggested that a suitable classification would be “Myths & Legends“. AiG have magnanimously agreed to relegate their products to the “Myths and Legends” shelves – as soon as Evolution is also treated as a myth.

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