Lawrence Leung – Skeptic

What is the Price of a Man’s Soul?

… About $4.50 , as at 8.30 pm on Friday 12th of April, if you happen to be young Melbourne comic Lawrence Leung.

Lawrence Leung Mr Leung made this revelation to an appreciative audience, which included seventeen Vic Skeptics and associates. He had listed his soul on E-Bay, partly from curiosity, and partly because his mother and his Priest had strongly advised against selling it to the devil.

Performed during Melbourne’s Comedy Festival, this one-man show, entitled “Skeptic“, featured episodes in a personal quest to confront the paranormal, such as staying in a haunted castle, and attending a John Edward event (while taking copious notes).

Mr Leung also presented a graphic documentation of a series of dubious but highly risible controlled experiments involving rakes, blindfolds, black cats, ladders and mirrors.

The show included audience participation of the “Mind-reading” variety. Lawrence made several accurate, seemingly impossible predictions about aspects of the night’s performance. Readers who attended Marc Salem’s recent show “Mind Games” at the CUB Malthouse Theatre would have seen some similar mind-boggling prophetic utterances sealed in an envelope and opened at the end of the show.

It was a pacy show, quirky yet polished. Probably very few people share Lawrence Leung’s refreshing outlook on life. More’s the pity.

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