DVD – Melbourne Convention 2002

7 hours covering 8 presentations on one DVD from the highly successful Australian Skeptics 2002 National Convention held in Melbourne.


  • Roland Seidel
    • Sucker Bets
  • Richard Lead
    • How to get rich Without Working and many other Myths
  • Dr Valerie Yule
    • The Psychology of Gambling
  • Rev Tim Costello
    • Social Impact of Gambling in Australia
  • Narendra Nayak
    • Being a Skeptic in India and Confronting India’s Godmen
  • Dr Paul Willis
    • How to confuse a creationist with a roast chook
  • Ray Crossley & Bob Nixon
    • Digging the dirt on dowsing
  • Bent Spoon & Skeptic of the Year
  • Convention Photos

Price: $20

DVD: PAL All Regions

Contact vic[at]skeptics[dot]com[dot]au if you’re interested in purchasing the DVD!

This DVD is in MPEG 1 format to enable extended viewing time. This results in a slight reduction of video quality.

Copyright © 2002 Victorian Skeptics

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