Borderline Skeptics Survive Hellfire and Dam(Nation).

By Laurie and Eden Smith.

Summer 2003, a time that will always have warm memories for the Borderline Group. To quote Russell Kelly, “We must have sinned more than usual to deserve this fiery hell“.

Here at Callaghan’s Creek, the first threat was just over the hill where a lightning strike started the first of many fires. At Mitta-Mitta, the Kellys and the Bradshaws were no further away from the Bogong fires. Over at Mount Beauty, Tracey O’Brien would have been paying keen interest to the fire reports, as would Tony Norton at Bright.

Things changed quickly following bad weather conditions, and we were all soon in that well-known ditch. The next two weeks were so crammed full of rumor, action, inaction, evacuations, highs and lows that we are all still catching up on lost time.

Despite record attendance at local churches, and the combined efforts of Ouyen’s women, no rain fell and the fires moved on when there was little else to burn.

The Kellys and ourselves received many amazing offers of assistance from Melbourne Skeptics that we will always remember fondly, so do come and visit us here in Australia’s water divining capital and don’t wait for a natural disaster to get in touch!

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