Collected Logic & Maths Puzzles

8 July, 2014

unnamed2Our monthly LOGIC & MATHS PUZZLES are proving popular. Here are shortlinks to every set of L&M puzzles published so far: August 2012 , September 2012 October 2012 November 2012 December 2012  January 2013February 2013 March 2013 April 2013 May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 October 2013 November 2013 December 2013 January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 April 2014 May 2014 June 2014 July 2014.

July Puzzles

29 June, 2014


There are seven new Picture Puzzles and a new set of  “Mixed Bag” Questions at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE


There’s also JULY 2014 LOGIC & MATHS PUZZLES


Video – Simon Singh Interviews

29 June, 2014
A two-part interview of Simon Singh while in Melbourne earlier this year
a) Trick or Treatment? Beware the Spinal Trap! 

b) The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets

    Many thanks to Adam Ford!

National Curriculum, Gonski and Education for All

23 June, 2014

by Don Hyatt

The National Curriculum 2008

Don Hyatt

Don Hyatt

The current National Curriculum was initiated by the Rudd government in 2008. The task of development and implementation was given to the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), an independent, non-political body, and agreed by the Ministers of Education in all states and territories in 2009. It was framed around the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA, December 2008) and the implementation was to be consultative and phased in over a several  years in 3 phases.  The National Curriculum frames the school curriculum from Foundation (= Prep) to Year 12 (F-12).

The construction of the curriculum was in four steps: Read the rest of this entry »

June Puzzles

1 June, 2014

gg57257402WORKEDJune’s Picture Puzzles and “Mixed Bag” Questions occupy pride of place at the top of our PUZZLES PAGE

If you believe our pollies, Australia is the most profligate nation on Earth, while still managing to retain a Triple-A Credit Rating. To celebrate this remarkable feat, our JUNE SKEPTICAL CROSSWORD PUZZLE has Finance and Economics as its theme.

There are ten new LOGIC & MATHS PROBLEMS


Video – Professor Peter Doherty

18 May, 2014

The Vic Skeptics were honoured to have Professor Peter Doherty, scientist, author and Nobel prize winner deliver a talk at one of our regular ‘Third Monday’ events. Peter Doherty spoke on Skepticism, Denial and Ignorance: There is a Difference in March 2013. I should, of course, extend a kind thanks to Adam Ford for producing the video and allowing it to be posted here. Read the rest of this entry »

May Puzzles

1 May, 2014

banner-best-android-puzzle-applistThere are seven new Picture Puzzles and twenty “Mixed Bag” Questions at the top of the PUZZLES PAGE. You might like to use the Mixed Bag Questions as practice for the Tenth Annual Vic Skeptics Trivia Extravaganza on May 19. (See the EVENTS PAGE for further details)

To mark the NHMRC’s recent demolition of Homeopathy as a serious medical system, this month’s
MAY 2014 Skeptical Crossword
has Homeopathy as its theme.It’s necessarily a smaller crossword than usual – but it still comes with both “straight” and cryptic clues.

To stretch your brain just that bit more, try the
MAY 2014 Logic & Maths Puzzles



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